2016 Fantasy Baseball

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2016 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

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2016 fantasy baseball rankings

Giancarlo Stanton

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The big kahunas at Yahoo! and ESPN have finally declared open season on fake baseball drafts, so now’s as good a time as any to post my first pass at fantasy baseball rankings for 2016. The ranks in the FantasyPros widget further below are only positional for now. I’ll have a more in-depth set of overall rankings soon, but until then, here’s a loose top-30 for your preliminary drafts:

1. Mike Trout, OF, LAA
2. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, ARI
3. Bryce Harper, OF, WAS
4. Giancarlo Stanton, OF, MIA
5. Anthony Rizzo, 1B, CHC
6. Nolan Arenado, 3B, COL
7. Miguel Cabrera, 1B, DET
8. Josh Donaldson, 3B, TOR
9. Kris Bryant, 3B/OF, CHC
10. Manny Machado, 3B/SS, BAL
11. Jose Abreu, 1B, CWS
12. Edwin Encarnacion, 1B, TOR
13. Carlos Correa, SS, HOU
14. Andrew McCutchen, OF, PIT
15. Jose Altuve, 2B, HOU
16. Clayton Kershaw, SP, LAD
17. George Springer, OF, HOU
18. Starling Marte, OF, PIT
19. Mookie Betts, OF, BOS
20. J.D. Martinez, OF, DET
21. Joey Votto, 1B, CIN
22. Chris Davis, 1B/OF, BAL
23. Jose Bautista, OF, TOR
24. Todd Frazier, 3B, CWS
25. Justin Upton, OF, DET
26. Dee Gordon, 2B, MIA
27. A.J. Pollack, OF, ARI
28. Adam Jones, OF, BAL
29. Jake Arrieta, SP, CHC
30. Charlie Blackmon, OF, COL

Yup, I really hate drafting pitchers early. I’m also generally low on middle infielders relative to the top sluggers at outfield and corner spots. Having Jose Altuve on my fake baseball team is roughly equivalent to owning Rob Gronkowski in fake football. Yes, they both deliver premium production from unorthodox positions, but I’m okay ceding those stats and joining the second base meh-fest alongside all the other owners who don’t draft Altuve. I prefer to make my push for value above opponents at other positions.

Still, I have plenty of research left to do and it’s possible that I’ll reevaluate my traditional stance on middle infielders. Until then, here are my work-in-progress ranks:

2016 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

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  • ok thank you

  • Are you guys going to do a Draft ranking by tiers for baseball this year?

  • Are you guys going to do the baseball Tier Draft rankings this year ..

    • Yes, should have something in the next couple days. Just getting our consensus rankings tweaked.

      • Any update on this? , have my draft on sunday.

      • Hey Felix, our composite rankings will be up tomorrow morning.

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