DFS Primer: Minor League Mayhem March 31, 2016  |  Jason Bales


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Welcome to Spring Training, rookie! This article is intended for novice daily fantasy baseball players. If this does not describe you, this article will probably not be very useful. The information presented throughout this series may be rather obvious for the experienced fantasy player, but, again, this is not the target audience. If you are experienced, feel free to read through this article as a refresher prior to that start of the season, or to hear some opposing opinions regarding previously held game strategy. Now, let’s get you in shape for this fantasy season!


The Question:

Who is that guy!? The Los Angeles Dodgers have some player I’ve never even heard of playing second base tonight. Should I use him? Where did he come from? Well, that is what we like to call a minor league call-up. So, are these players worth taking a look at? How important are they? Should we use them? Let’s take a look.

Are minor league call-ups worth a look? 


The Answer:


Jason Bales:

This one is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. Yes! And no! Well, it all really depends on the situation. For example, DraftKings tends to overprice a few of the ‘top prospects’ because they are projected to perform at a high-level upon call-up. However, this does not always happen. Imagine hitting against Chris Heston (I do not expect everyone to know who this is – look him up) for 40 straight games and then being thrown into the arena with Clayton Kershaw. Some minor league players adjust well to the majors right away. Like Matt points out below, it may take the majors a little bit of time to adjust to them, but there is no reason to overpay for a minor league player just because he finally got called up. Be patient. If the price is right, use him.

Matt Terelle:

In my opinion, everyone is worth considering. Minor league call-ups are going to be cheap at first and oftentimes we see a minor leaguer come up and have success in his first few games before the league catches up to him. If the price, talent, situation, and matchup are right, I have no problem putting a minor league call-up in a lineup.


Justin Bales:

I completely agree that minor league call-ups can be used, but only in the right situation. If their price tag is fairly low and they are hitting high in the order, I’ll be one of the first to use them. If they are overpriced because of expectations, hitting last in the order, and playing against Clayton Kershaw, I’ll be avoiding him. Call-ups can be a great asset to your fantasy team, but you’ll have to play them in the right situations.

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