Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Tips February 17, 2014  |  Mike C

Major League Baseball finally arrived upon us, with spring training games having already started. This means that the regular season is just a couple weeks away and it will be time to start the long grind of daily fantasy baseball contests. There is plenty of money to be made on the MLB season and I would like to give some of you newbies and veterans a few things to keep in mind when it comes to setting your Daily Fantasy League lineup.


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Pitching is an enormous part of fantasy baseball. It is not just for the pitchers on your team but the pitchers who face the batters that you have on your team. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are looking for a pitcher for your daily lineup.

  1. What do his home/away stats look like? Is he a better pitcher at home or better on the road? Most pitchers prefer to pitch at home especially since they are more familiar with the mound and how it feels pitching off the mound.
  2. Is he pitching in a hitter’s park or a pitchers park? Even the best of them struggle at times in Hitters Park.
  3. What kind of averages do the opposing team’s players have against your pitcher? Yes Justin Verlander is a stud pitcher but do you want him and his hefty price-tag going up against a team that has five-six guys who have hit .300 and above against him for their career.
  4. Is he a strikeout pitcher? Strikeouts mean points in fantasy baseball.  Take a look at the team the pitcher you want is facing. Are they in the bottom 10 for Strikeouts? More Strikeouts more fantasy points.
  5. Stand clear of pitchers who have a high walk percentage. Walks kill pitchers ERA’s in baseball. I am sure you don’t want a guy who is going to walk 4-6 batters a game which gives the other team more opportunities at runs.
  6. Take a look and see how your pitchers bullpen looks. Nothing is going to piss you off more than having your starting pitcher for 7 strong with 5-7 K’s,  1 walk and 1-2 to earned runs but he doesn’t get the win because his bullpen blows it for him.



There are so many baseball games in a day with 8-9 hitters per lineup you really have your hands full trying to find the perfect hitters for you team. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for some of those hitters.

  1. Try and find hitters who are hot right now. Everyone that has ever played baseball knows when you are seeing the ball and getting the bat on the ball there aren’t many pitchers who will be able to stop you. Streaks are big in baseball.
  2. Look for guys who have had success against the pitcher they are facing that day. Some guys have seen a pitcher so many times they get to know his release and what pitches he throws, it gives the hitter some confidence when they step up to face that pitcher knowing they can hit him.
  3. For pitching you like guys who are not in hitter’s parks, for hitting you want guys who are in hitter’s parks. You will see plenty of more opportunities in a hitter’s park than in a non-hitters park.
  4. When looking for a hitter take a look and see if they are facing a right hander or left hander and what kind of numbers they have against each one. Majority of the time left handed hitters will hit right handed pitcher best and the same goes for right handed hitters hitting left handed pitchers better.

Daily fantasy baseball is an extremely long grind when playing the entire season. You will run into streaks where you might win 5-8 days in a row and then lose five days in a row. Don’t get down on yourself and stay focused on the task at hand; which is making a profit for you baseball season. If you follow the pointers above it should give you a leg up on your competition to help you make some money.

Good Luck Everyone!

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