Working the Waiver Wire 7.15.16 July 17, 2016  |  Justin Klein

San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres

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Working the Waiver Wire 7.15.16


Tim Anderson has quietly been very good over the past month and seemingly not that many outside of the DFS world have taken notice. Well dynasty and keeper leagues likely have by this point, but those in redraft leagues appear to be late to the party. In the past 30 days, Anderson posted an impressive batting line of 17/4/10/3/.314. That line was good enough to make him the 63rd most valuable player in standard 5×5 Yahoo leagues over that time frame. For some perspective, Troy Tulowitzki was the 62nd most valuable player and David Ortiz was the 64th most valuable player during that same time period. Currently available in 79% of Yahoo leagues, Anderson is a great MI addition in every size league and a solid addition at SS as well. If you need help in the middle infield and Anderson is available. I would add him immediately.

Kennys Vargas has been red hot in the 6 games he’s played since being called up, as he’s already notched 9 runs scored, 3 home runs and 3 RBI in just 23 plate appearances through 6 games. While I’m sure the .471 AVG and .871 ISO won’t last, there is some pop here that will. In 82 games at Triple-A this season, Vargas managed a healthy 14 bombs and a solid .200 ISO. Still just 25 years old, Kennys will get regular playing time for the foreseeable future and is an interesting player in deeper leagues and formats. In one league where I was desperate for CI help, I just added Kennys myself. If you need some pop or help at 1B, CI or UT you should consider joining me. Currently available in 95% of Yahoo leagues, Vargas is out there for most of you if you want him.

Angel Pagan has also been very good over the past month as he’s been healthy and hitting near the top of the Giants batting order again. You may not have noticed, but San Francisco has the best record in baseball and much of it has to do with role players like Pagan. Not only is he a good defender, but he’s been hitting extremely well lately too. Over the past month, Angel has scored 16 times and knocked 16 players in, while notching 2 dingers, 3 SBs and a .304 AVG. Despite his terrific play, Pagan is still floating around in 80% of free agent pools in Yahoo leagues. If you are in a 14+ team league or any size league that starts 5 OFs and Pagan is available, you should consider making the addition. I just did myself in a 14 team 5 OF league.


Tony Barnette is likely a player that you’ve never heard of before unless you’re a Cubs fan or a fantasy baseball freak like me. Pitching in sort of long relief for the Cubbies, Barnette has been superb over the past month as he’s compiled a 3-0 record with a 0.00 ERA, 0.68 WHIP, 2 holds and 11 Ks across 14 and 2/3 innings pitched. I said sort of long relief because Tony has tossed more than 1 inning twice, 2 innings once and more than 2 innings once in his last 4 appearances. Anytime you’re pitching that much in tight games on a very good team, you’re bound to vulture some wins. That makes the 3-0 record more sustainable and understandable. While the Ks aren’t’ great, they are decent and the ratios are obviously elite. If you’re in a holds league or any type of league where you need help with ratios, Barnette is a solid addition; especially in wins leagues. Available in 99% of Yahoo leagues he’s out there for almost all of you Yahooligans if you want him.

Hector Santiago has gone from good to bad to good again as he’s been the 73rd most valuable player in standard 5×5 leagues over the past month. Santiago managed a 3-0 record with a 2.30 ERA, 1.12 WHIP and 28 Ks across 31 and 1/3 innings pitched. For some perspective, Hector was 2 spots ahead of Corey Kluber in that time frame and just behind some guy named Jose Fernandez in terms of fantasy value over the past month. Pretty, pretty good numbers there. Currently available in 70% of Yahoo leagues, Santiago is a solid SP that regularly outpitches his peripherals. If you need help with your fake team’s rotation and Santiago is available, you should consider making the addition.

Since the past month has been the prevailing theme for this particular edition of WTWW (because of the All Star break silly rabbit), I’ll stick with it as I take a look at Ryan Dull. Over the past 30 days, all Dull has done is go 1-1 with a save and 4 holds while posting a 0.87 ERA and a 0.39 WHIP along with 11Ks in 10 and 1/3 innings pitched. Those stats were enough to make Dull the 82nd most valuable player in standard 5×5 leagues. Of all those stats, the most intriguing one for our purposes is of course the 1 save. Dull came in and closed the door while Ryan Madson was on the shelf for the evening. In the games that Madson pitched before and after he struggled and hasn’t been very sharp of late. This makes Dull a nice save speculation as he’s the clear next man up when it comes to saves for the Athletics. Available in 89% of Yahoo leagues, I like adding Dull in every size league regardless of size or format because of his proximity to the closing gig in Oakland. While there’s a chance that he only saves a handful of games the rest of the way, there’s a very good chance that he leads the team in saves as well.


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