SP Streamers for Tuesday July 29th July 28, 2014  |  Justin Klein

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As always the Streamers are listed in the order in which I would use them

Marcus Stroman has been a beast thus far this season when pitching as a starter after his early call up troubles in the bullpen. He has clearly marked his territory and become Toronto’s best SP in the process. Even after his early struggles in the bullpen his ERA sits at a pretty 3.21, his WHIP at 1.10 and his BAA at .233. His 59/15 K/BB ratio shows off his sparkling control, and he’s even managed 6 wins against only 2 losses. Yet somehow he’s owned less in Yahoo leagues than Aaron Harang. Are you fuggin’ kidding me? Either you guys are asleep at the wheel or you just aren’t paying enough attention. If your league mates have allowed Stroman to float around in your free agent pool you should jump in and grab him. Available in a ridiculous 55% of Yahoo leagues, he should be picked up and held onto for the rest of the season. This is an SP3 with SP2 upside that you can get for free in more than half the leagues on Yahoo. If someone owns him I would be inclined to make an offer. In most cases you can probably get him for less than he’s worth. Stroman has already demonstrated the ability to rack up K’s, control the ball (and his WHIP) and he pitches for a winning team. What more do you want? Go get him go getters.

Henderson Alvarez has enjoyed a breakout season this year and outside of one bad start and one abbreviated start he’s been very good over his last 10 outings. While he’ll be facing a tough Washington offense and a talented opposing pitcher in Stephan Strasburg, you simply can’t pass up on Alvarez at home. So far this season these are the numbers that Hendo has posted at home: 1.64 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, .245 BAA, and a K/BB ratio of 40/9. Those are elite SP1 numbers. While Strasburg was drafted as an SP1, Henderson has actually pitched like one (shots fired) in Marlins Park. Yet for some reason, 50% of you don’t believe the hype, as that is Alvarez’s ownership % in Yahoo leagues. The guy is elite at home and fairly solid on the road, and you dump him after a couple of hiccups?!? C’mon people; SP’s with this level of production don’t grow on trees. Most of the time they are really over drafted (zing) and don’t live up to expectations (last one I swear). While Alvarez doesn’t pile up the K’s he does do everything else. So if Hendo is available in your league you should go pick him up and insert him into your starting lineup. If you’re playing DFS, he is exactly the high upside and low cost SP you should be putting in your lineups. Low risk and high reward is where it’s at my fellow fake gamers.

Brandon McCarthy pitched well for the Diamondbacks for half of the season, but he was rather unlucky, and the numbers didn’t reflect how well he performed. Since joining the Yankees Brandon’s luck has changed. In 18 and two-thirds innings McCarthy has notched a QS in all 3 starts, posted a 2-0 record, a K/BB ratio of 17/3 (!) and only allowed 3 runs in the process. While 2 of those games came against struggling offenses in the Reds and the Rangers, his next opponent happens to be the Rangers again. This time around he’ll face them in Arlington. With all of their injuries their offense has taken a huge step backwards and relegated them to the middle of the pack in terms of runs scored, even in their hitter friendly park. Also in McCarthy’s favor is that the opposing pitcher will be Nick Martinez, who just might be the worst SP going tomorrow, so it’s very probable that McCarthy will have a lead to work with early in the game. If you’d like to see if he can keep it going (you should because he probably will) McCarthy is available in 76% of Yahoo leagues and will likely be a solid cheap option in DFS leagues as well.

Dillon Gee was out for awhile with an injury and upon his return he dominated the Braves at home before being roughed up by the Padres and the Brewers on the road. I can’t explain the Padres game, as I streamed him in multiple leagues for that start only to have him take a dump on my fake team’s ratios. While that start may have turned you off of him, you should be excited for his start tomorrow against the Phillies at home. Though he hasn’t been great against the Phillies over his career, he did pitch well against them in May, and he has been lights out at home this season and over the course of his career. In 41 innings at Citi Field Gee has compiled a 2.05 ERA, 1.05 WHIP and .218 BAA. Those are practically Alvarez-esque. Although he’ll be facing Cole Hamels in this matchup, Hamels actually struggles against the Mets more so than against any other team. So while it might not look like a good matchup on the surface, the numbers tell a different story. If you’re in need of a streamer and play in a competitive league where the above mentioned guys are gone, you can pick up Gee in 70% of Yahoo leagues. If he’s nice and cheap like I presume he will be, I would be all over him in DFS formats as well.

Jorge De La Rosa has quietly been on a very nice hot streak since the All-Star break. In that time he is 3-0 in 4 starts, has notched a QS in all 4 of them and allowed only 21 hits against 19 K’s in 25 and a third innings. Tomorrow he’ll face the Cubs at Wrigley, and as long as the wind isn’t blowing out and he doesn’t throw meatballs to Rizzo, he should continue to put up solid numbers. I like him to go 6+ innings and give up 3 runs or less with a sneaky useful line and a handful of K’s. I’m streaming him in multiple QS leagues. Available in 74% of Yahoo leagues, most of you can join me if you’d like. In DFS leagues I love JDLR, as he’ll likely be dirt cheap and very likely to return a profitable stat line.

Francisco Liriano has probably wrecked your fake team’s ratios once or twice before. There might even still be some emotional scarring. This is a player that went from an ace, to injured, to Fransucko, to whatever he is now. What he appears to be is a veteran pitcher with a ton of swing and miss stuff that can’t always locate it. After being injured early in the season, Liriano has pitched decently of late, although 2 of his 6 recent outings were 4 innings or less. That’s what happens when you walk batters and reach high pitch counts early in the game. Nevertheless Liriano has a decent matchup on deck for Tuesday. He’ll face Tim Hudson and the Giants in spacious AT&T Park. While the Giants are no slouch, their park is very pitcher friendly, and as long as Liriano keeps the walks down he’s a good bet for a QS and a good source of K’s. He’s a tad risky for 12 team leagues, but he’s a good play in 15 team leagues and deeper and a decent gamble in DFS leagues when priced appropriately. Available in 42% of Yahoo leagues, he’s out there for some of you if you want to gamble he won’t turn into Fransucko again.

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