Working the Waiver Wire 4.13.17 April 13, 2017  |  Justin Klein


Amir Garrett twirled another gem last night as he held the Buccos to two runs on five hits while striking out five in a 9-2 victory in Pittsburgh last night. He’s now 2-0 with a 9:2 K:BB ratio and a 1.42 Era across 12 and 2/3 innings pitched. Somehow the talented young rookie is still available in nearly two-thirds of Yahoo leagues as 65% of you Yahooligans can go pick him up for free right now. Last year across 144 and 2/3 innings pitched and 25 games started he managed a 2.55 ERA to go with a K:BB ratio of 132:59. While I expect Amir to fall back to earth a bit there’s still plenty in his profile to like. Pitching half of his games at Great American Ballpark is not a cushy gig, but when the ratios correct I don’t expect it to be as bad as some as the forecasted statistics. For instance I agree more with Steamers 4.45 ERA more than ZiPS’ 4.95 or Pecota’s 5.12. If Amir can keep his BB/9 below 3three (currently 1.42) then his ERA can possibly stay below four. Even if he can’t keep the walks in check he should still move the needle in the K/9 department. Both Steamer and ZiPS project a K/9 above 8. So even if Garret starts handing out free passes left and right he’s still useful in deep leagues and/or in head to head play. Just remember that Amir currently sports a .182 BABIP allowed and a left on base percentage of 93%. Those numbers will both correct in a big way and will likely push the ERA north of three. In most cases it will be well north of three. Pick up Garrett and ride the hot hand if you’d like. In dynasty and keeper leagues I like the 24 year old much more. In redraft leagues you can possibly flip Garrett for something or maybe throw him in a deal to help get it done.

Matt Bush seemed like the obvious choice to replace Sam Dyson as the Rangers closer until he recently had an injection into his sore AC join in his shoulder. I’m not a doctor, but this doesn’t sound particularly promising for a player that uses their shoulder quite a bit. Apparently Bush had this problem last year and pitched through it. In any case he’s out until Friday. There’s still a chance that he is the next closer for Texas because Sam Dyson has been so terrible and Jeremy Jeffress hasn’t been all that much better. There are a couple of other names in the Texas bullpen worth monitoring and they are Tony Barnette and Jose Leclerc. Barnette is available in 95% of Yahoo leagues and is probably the guy if Bush doesn’t come back strong and Jeffress can’t right the ship. It’s a long shot, but one that’s worth taking at this point in deep leagues or anywhere that your fake team is desperate for saves. Leclerc has been solid but has minimal experience in his 23 year old arm. He’s available in 98% of leagues and was able to notch a save on Wedneday while notching the last five outs of the game. It’s likely that Jose was only left in after the Rangers increased their lead from three to five runs, but he’s been better than everyone else in the bullpen thus far, so it’s worth noting. My guess is that Bush comes back, is able to pitch through the shoulder woes, and is able to lead the team in saves the rest of the way. At least I hope so, because I’m heavily invested. Available in 69% of Yahoo leagues he’s worth grabbing if available. We should have some idea on his standing by this weekend at the latest. Otherwise Dyson could get another shot or perhaps Jeffress gets it together and runs away with the job. He showed the skill set to be successful in the role just last season in Milwaukee. If you want to bet on him he’s available in 89% of Yahoo leagues. Place your bets.



Sean Doolittle is still floating around in 80% of Yahoo leagues even though I just wrote about him in the inaugural Bullpen Report of the 2017 season. Not only will Doolittle provide your fake team with solid ratios and elite K’s, but he looks to be for about 30% of the Athletics saves this season as well. That’s 8-12 saves depending on how many times they can get and protect a lead against a team with some solid left handed hitting. In most settings those are enough saves to move the needle and Doolittle should most definitely be picked up. I have a few shares myself and am in the market for more. And if something were to happen to Casilla Doolittle could possibly become even more valuable. In any case Sean should be added just about everywhere so get to it. I can’t make the moves for you ya know. This should go without saying, but if you’re in the 54% of Yahoo leagues where Santiago Casilla is also unowned you should immediately add him; Regardless of the league’s size or settings.



Asdrubal Cabrera has been outstanding to start the season as he’s managed a 7/1/6/1/.342 line thus far. Currently floating around in 60% of the free agent pools on Yahoo Asdrubal is a worthwhile addition in nearly every format. If you need some help at SS or MI you should consider adding him post haste. While I thought Cabrera would regress in terms of his numbers from last year it mostly had to do with his HR total and that isn’t what’s driving his current hot streak or tremendous value. Asdrubal won’t finish the season as the 41st ranked player in standard 5×5, but he can be plenty worthwhile in leagues that are 10 teams and larger.

Mitch Haniger is still out there in 46% of Yahoo leagues despite numerous preseason publications talking about his breakout potential that led to him being a late round darling in all of my drafts this spring. Haniger has looked every bit the part as he’s cracked three HR and swiped two bags while scoring ten runs and plating six more. His .250 average won’t turn any heads, but it won’t sink your fake team’s either. Haniger has effectively cemented himself into the solid number two spot in the Mariners everyday lineup and that’s a large part of his value. Not only does he have elite protection behind him, but even if he falls into a slump he should still be a great source of runs. If Haniger is available and you need help in the OF you should go ahead and add him yesterday.



Ryan Zimmerman has been red hot out of the gate as he’s hitting .382 with three bombs and 12 runs and RBI to go with a SB. While he doesn’t get much attention in the fake game much of that has to do with his inability to stay healthy. Not only does Ryan seem healthy, but he’s regularly hitting fifth in the Nationals order. That’s behind Eaton, Rendon, Harper and Murphy and in front of Werth and Wieters. And that’s without a healthy Trea Turner. As long as Zimmerman can stay healthy he should be a great source of counting numbers. The HR pace won’t stay like this, but each one counts in the rotisserie scoring standings. Available in 61% of Yahoo leagues Zimmerman should be owned in every league that has a CI slot and most leagues that have two or more utility leagues. Go get him before he gets hurt. Just make sure that you know that there’s likely an expiration date on Zimmerman’s health.

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